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lots of good stuff

Sep. 9th, 2007 | 07:25 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied

It has been a while and I am still settling into my new place. What I never got around to typing about was my trip to California. I wish I wrote down what I had done because it was a lot! The trip itself was great and I had a blast. Victor and I traveled all the way from San Francisco to San Diego… we drove over 1,000 miles (actually, just Victor drove). We stayed with his friends for the first few nights near San Francisco. While there, we did some hiking and saw some red wood trees. They are really big and tower over 300 feet tall! I took a picture next to one and I looked tiny! Perhaps I will shrink the pics Victor pulled off his cam and post them on a website. We also got to see the famous US 1 (or PCH). The road had beautiful views of rocks and water. We even had a chance to see the sunset. Another great part of the trip was the San Diego wild animal park and zoo!!! These were awesome attractions- I had a chance to feed the lorikeets off my hand, feed some deer looking things out of my palm, and went on the safari ride. We also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we saw the otter feeding! We joked about the hotels we stayed in because they were affordable but some were pretty crappy looking. One had this shower that you could hardly fit in and I must have bumped my head twice while showering! I also fell in love with the affordable and decent Red Roof Inn, along with Dennys’ flavored cappuccino. Overall, the trip was just awesome- Victor and I had so much fun together. I was sad to return to reality.

Once I arrived back, I had to make the move out to CT. Took 4.5 hours in traffic to drive to CT with Jen, John, and Victor in the car. Once there, we moved stuff in! It took a few days before I even had a bed. IKEA kept saying they’d pull it off the top shelf at night but that never happened. Then my mom called the last day Victor would be around to help and they again said they hadn’t pulled it down. Victor suggested we go by IKEA and see what the deal was… well, they ended up having it. So I have a beautiful bed (Queen sized). I bought the mattress from Sleepy’s at a discount rate because it had a water stain and it was a bit torn in a small section. I had a mattress cover so I accepted the normally $900 mattress at the discount price of $280 with open arms. Getting it up the stairs was another story- let’s just say good thing for men! I started working at two public schools in New Haven, CT. So far it is going great and I have a wonderful mentor named Elana. I work with kids grades K-8 but so far, haven’t started testing. Although I did get my first paycheck!!! I also picked up the testing kits from my supervisor so I have about 6 heavy bags sitting in the back of my car. I ordered a hand cart to help me transport them.

I checked out some social events such as Swing dancing but they were teaching Lindy instead. Since I know Swing already (East coast, at least), I didn’t mind learning Lindy instead. I have a lesson every Wednesday now. Also, there is a dance once a month and it is coming up in 2 weeks. I also joined Yale’s Graduate Hillel Club. I went to their wine and cheese party and met a bunch of people, made some contacts, and got added to their mailing list. Saturday, I checked out the Renaissance faire in Tuxedo, NY along with Jen, Victor, John, and Drew.

I have a new roommate! Meghan and I found somebody to live with us. He is a law student at the local college and turns out, he is also Jewish. He was excited to learn that I was Jewish because he originally wanted to live with Jewish people. He said he could cook a very good Shabbos dinner for us. He seems really nice and now the rent has gone way down! Today, for the first time, I worked out at the fitness center and swam in the pool. I haven't swam in a good 3 years so it was nice. I remembered how to and did some breast stroke and freestyle back and forth. So things are going good for me, hopefully they keep going this way.

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"I need something pure, like a warm and sunny geographical cure"

Aug. 21st, 2007 | 09:17 am
mood: lazylazy
music: "Geographical Cure" - Lucy Woodward

Dad is doing okay... he is having surgery on Thursday. He can't do much right now but hopefully after the surgery, he should have more mobility with his arms.

I signed the lease for the apartment at Avalon. It is a very nice community; inlcudes 2 heated swimming pools, exercise rooms, basketball courts, tennis, and a lot of other things. I have a three bedroom and mine is the master (yay). That just means I get my own bathroom connected to the room. Victor and I are going today to move some stuff in. I still have a ton of things to buy. So far I have one housemate- a master's student doing forensic science. I have two individuals coming to look at the third bedroom to rent today.

Shan and Izzy came to visit this past weekend and we went to a Collective Soul/Live concert at Brookhaven Amphitheatre. It was a good concert. We also saw "Superbad" which was a really funny movie.

I leave tomorrow for CA with Victor. WOO HOO! Should be a lot of fun! Once I get back, I have to move within a few days. My supervisor for my new job gave me an unsuspected call today to see if I needed anything. How nice. :)

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When it rains.. it pours.

Aug. 10th, 2007 | 10:53 am
mood: blankblank
music: "Rehab" - Amy Whinehouse

Well... bad news. First, my dad had a bad night. He fell in the backyard and broke his Ulna and Radius bones in both his arms. He spent most of the night in the hospital and my mom picked him up around 5:30am. Doctors say it'll take about 4-6 weeks to heal. It sucks because my dads work was really picking up and he even had another movie shoot for Argo. Now we have to cancel it all. My mom wants to sell the house and move south where it is more affordable. My dad is waiting for one of his greatest friends to settle into a house in VA before he moves down there; that way he can be close by. So looks like that won't happen for at least another year.

Last night, Stony Brook University had a fire break out on the roof of the Physics building. From what I heard about that roofing project, I'm not too surprised that it happened. Apparently, the inside of the building was fine and there were no reported injuries. Victor has an office in that building- it's a good thing it didn't happen during working hours. For a more complete story: "Fire Torches part of roof..."

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that don't kill me, only makes me stronger...

Aug. 8th, 2007 | 04:48 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: "Stronger" - Kanye West

I went back to work at the mental health agency so I’ve been working the 8am-4pm shift. It gives me something to do during the day but makes me more exhausted when I stay out late. The weekend that was supposed to be Anthony’s bday turned out to be a disaster. My phone ended up breaking and I had to get a new one. I still have the same phone though; had I not had insurance, I would’ve tried out the Chocolate phone. Anyway, I ran into an old friend from High School. His name is Jason and he used to have the biggest crush on me back in the day. We ended up chatting for a good portion of the night which may have added fuel to the already jealous fire. He found my e-mail and shot me a “hello” the next day.

On Tuesday I had my interview for the School Psychologist position in CT. The guy brought in an experienced School Psychologist within the district and they questioned me for an hour and a half. I felt it went well and he ended up calling me a few hours later and offering me the position. That means I’m moving to CT. I found a nice townhouse community that is very affordable and I think I have housemates to move in with, although with people, you never know. I am both excited and nervous to begin my first full time job. The good thing about the job is that it is only 30 hours a week! Woo hoo! I did want the guy who hired me to get me some part time testing work occasionally after school, which he said he will be able to do.

Apparently I have a distant cousin that lives in Romania. He came to visit last week. His name is Peter and he is a 21 year old studying Civil Engineering. He is an extremely cool guy and I joked with him about how “normal” Romania seemed when he spoke about it. He wants me to come visit him in Romania next summer. Last Wednesday was supposed to be a swing dance in the park but it ended up being Broadway tunes instead. It was at Old Westbury Gardens which is very beautiful, so we (Jen, John, Victor, and Peter) all took in the views instead of dancing. Thursday, ate some Applebee’s; Peter could not get his beer because he did not have his passport on him and they did not accept his Romanian ID. Afterwards, Peter, Victor, Drew, Luke, Rich, and I had some Dave & Buster action. Victor and I tried the gene machine but I regretted it afterwards. I can’t believe how weird they make those children look, that is population control for you. On Friday, my dad entertained Peter with dog training while Drew, Victor, and I headed to Brookhaven labs for some ballroom dancing! Victor met up with an old friend of his named Gail. We all ate and then learned some two step which is danced to country music. I like BNL; they seem to have a thing for country style dances! We left right after the lesson to see “The Simpson’s.” It was entertaining but I’m not a huge fan of that show to begin with.

On Saturday, my mom finally had the chance to take us all out so she took us to I-HOP in the morning and TGIFriday’s in the evening. There was supposed to be a trip to “Splish Splash” but it was too crowded and they were not allowing anybody new to enter. So plans got a little messed up. Around 9pm we finally got ourselves together and I took Jen and Peter to Port Jefferson to ‘Toast’. There we met with Victor and Drew and had some cheese platters and other desserts. Sunday was a blast! Drew drove Peter and I in his Mustang convertible (with the top down) to “Bayville Adventure Park.” Note to self: sit in the front seat next time the top is down. The crowd was large, 10 or 11 people ended up showing, including myself, Jen, John, Peter Drew, Jmax, Helen, Mike, Grace, Kerry, and a later appearance by Victor who joined for a game of mini-golf. The attractions included rock climbing, a rope course in the air, mini-golf and bumper boats. It was a lot of fun! We all ate at a place called “Shipwrecked” right across from the beach. Afterwards, a few of us took a walk along the beach.

Monday, Drew convinced me to go skating with him and John. I invited Victor to go along since he’s been asking if I wanted to go for the past couple weeks. I remember rollerblading when I was younger but I don’t remember being very good at it. John got me onto the rink at first but I almost immediately fell. It was very hard to start skating. Victor was teaching me how to do it and within an hour or so, I was good to go, or probably just ‘okay’ to go. I am still very unbalanced and uncomfortable on skates but it was a lot of fun learning. I did stop pretty early- maybe an hour and half in because it was getting too exhausting to concentrate on keeping myself up. I did end up meeting a friend named David over there who spoke to me for a while and let me play with his iPhone (sickos). He lives in NC but we exchanged contact info, maybe next time he’s in NY and we go skating I’ll know what I’m doing. Victor had his own rollerblades and he was very good on them… hard to believe him when he tells me he never really goes rollerblading. Especially since he looked like he’s been doing it forever, can go backwards, and can support my weight while teaching me to skate. Yeah, you’ve probably done that many times before. ;-p

The rink itself was very hot due to a broken A/C. That really made it worse and less motivating for me to practice. I do want to learn to skate now; it seems like a great activity. It sucks that I have to leave to CT in a few weeks. I’m hoping I can build up a good social network and find things to do over there. I already contacted a few ballroom dancing places and they are happy to have me learn with them. I also found out that my housemate likes to dance and even took some salsa and swing lessons. I told her she can come with me to the dance socials.

Today, the storm caused havoc in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. I called my mom to make sure everything with my family in Brooklyn was okay... it was.

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Birthday party and Vegas trip

Jul. 23rd, 2007 | 02:30 pm
location: room
mood: chipperchipper
music: "Beautiful Girls" - Sean Kingston

So I finally have a chance to update this thing. I have been spending most of my time working on my online class but I finished that (successfully and with an ‘A’ – good times). I am still in the process of job searching… so far, I have 2 agencies working for me. One is for a position in Washington, DC and my job responsibilities would be conducting assessments (psychological testing). The other is searching up and down the East Coast for a position, but no luck yet. Salaries look pretty good for starting School Psychologists but it looks like there is a good possibility I am moving away. A potential position in CT is currently open and I have a phone interview tomorrow morning for that. CT is pleasant and close by so it would make certain people happy! As well as myself!

The end of this post will be about Las Vegas since I haven’t written what I did there yet. I think there has been a party every single weekend since I arrived back. First, Drew’s party where I discovered the great game of ‘Werewolf’, which is a game where a group of people have to figure out who the “werewolf” is by killing off one person each round. I can’t ever explain it well so I’ll leave it at that and if you hang out with me at some point; I’ll go more into depth about it. The next weekend after that was Jim’s party for Brian’s bday. I had fun and had a chance to meet and speak with some really great people. This past weekend was MY BIRTHDAY! Woo hoo! I am officially 24 years old. The party at my house turned out great! We started off with a barbeque and then the testosterone filled males made their way to the volleyball net (thanks for Victor, Shan, and Izzy who helped set it up), played for about an hour, and then we all headed to the basement. We had dance dance revolution, karaoke revolution, Wii sports, pool, and twister to keep us busy. A lot more people showed up later on in the night and we ended up having about 15-20 people in the basement. I had a crazy hour long Twister match with John… we got ourselves into pretty compromising positions and I believe Jmax caught it all on camera. I was wearing white pants and apparently you could see right through them… so the most amusing comment of the night had to have been, “This is taking too long, I’m getting bored and she’s wearing a thong.” LOL! Late at night, a group of us sat down in a circle and played some ‘Werewolf’. Shan and Izzy ended up loving the game just as much as I do. Thanks to Drew for bringing it over! The party went on until about 4am. A group of us were supposed to do horseback riding the next day but John had to go pretty early to get his car fixed so instead myself, Jen, Shan, Izzy, Anthony, and Drew all went to Friendly’s and then went mini-golfing. We had a good time… but we are still confused over the strange noises coming from the animals at the mini-golf course; sounded like barn sex was going on.

I also saw “Harry Potter” with Victor on opening night at midnight. Never did that before but it was a good movie. I never read the books but I’m planning on reading the last one in the series. Victor found a copy online and finished it already but he also ordered a copy and he is lending it to me.

Las Vegas, NV:

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007: Arrived at the strip and visited M&M world, also went shopping up and down the strip. Saw some cute clothing stores but “cute” apparently means “slutty” when I talk about clothing (according to SOME people). Also went through a bunch of hotels on the strip and hopped on the New York New York rollercoaster. It was fun but it was sooo hot outside that my throat was so dry by the end. For dinner, Anthony and I went to Planet Hollywood and then checked out a Hypnotist show. I have seen a bunch of those at Stony Brook but this was Vegas style: lots of sexual things going on! Guys thinking they are porn stars and doing “things” to blow up dolls, pole dancing, and a girl “sucking” contest with a candy penis. He chose a winner and said to the girl, “here is my number, just in case.” It was amusing.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007: Had brunch with a friend of Anthony’s dad and his friend. They had a chocolate fountain which made me extremely happy. Next, Anthony and I went to Star Trek the Experience. We went on the rides they had there and in one, we had to stand in a line while the lights went out. All of a sudden a strong wind blew up from the ground and I happened to be wearing a skirt that day. LOL- no wonder the guy who ran the ride stood behind me. We checked out the stratosphere but couldn’t go on any rides because I didn’t want to go alone and Anthony doesn’t do those rides. So we checked out the fireworks while overlooking Las Vegas; it was pretty. Later on, we went to a show called “Bite,” which is a Vampire strip show with some acrobatics thrown in. It was very entertaining.

Thursday, July 5th, 2007: Anthony won at Roulette over $100. Checked out a magic show which was aimed towards kids, it was cute but nothing special. That evening we went to a show called “Fantasy,” another stripping show but with a very funny comedian. He made it all worth while! That evening, we headed for the airport and flew back to NY. I gambled at the airport and won $1.50, yay!

Oh, and apparently Las Vegas has Lychee smoothies and they put the fruit in their fruit salad. I like…

That is about it. It looks like my weekends are pretty packed for the rest of the summer. This coming weekend is Anthony’s bday party. I also have family coming up from Romania very soon! I never met them so it should be interesting having them here.

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I'll stop procrastinating when I get around to it...

Jul. 14th, 2007 | 10:11 am
mood: bouncybouncy
music: "Lost in this moment" - Big & Rich


-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

Whateva! I do what I want!

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Jul. 7th, 2007 | 08:26 am
mood: pleasedpleased

Should be a lucky day... just look at the date. ;p Las Vegas should be going crazy in the casinos right now. I just got back from there- what an awesome place. I played one of the machines at the airport (per Victor's request) and won myself a whole $1.50- woo hoo! Should've played today, would've won myself $2.50, perhaps. My favorite part of Las Vegas was definitely the shows. I will go back but during a cooler time of year (temps reached 115 degrees).

I'll write more when I get a chance. Right now, off to Inten Sati classes at the gym.

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M.S. and Vegas

Jul. 1st, 2007 | 02:38 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: "Shut Up & Drive" - Rihanna

It seems like I hardly find time to update but I figured I'd procrastinate on work for a few mins to write this.

First off: FINISHED MY MASTER'S DEGREE! WOO HOO! Now I officially have my M.S. in School Psychology.

The Darren Hayes concert was great! He is an awesome performer, even did "I want you" from his Savage Garden days- this really got the crowd going. There were a lot of gay men in the audience and I'm just wondering whose cruel joke it was to make all gay men really hot.

The weekend of June 18th- I went mini-golfing and go-karting with Jen, Victor, and John. I sucked at mini-golfing but realized my potential for fast racing (and potential for almost killing people on the racetrack). I was trying really hard to catch up to Victor in my go-kart and had to pass a father and his daughter in order to do that. So I ended up cutting them off and Jen said I almost caused them to spin out. Ooops. At least I ended up in second place... from last.

The next day I went to Southaven for hiking. Not a very challenging hike but it was fun. Also went row boating which was very fun! Rich also came along... haven't seen him in a while.

June 19th- Attended Midsummer Night's Swing with Victor at Lincoln Center in Manhattan. It was a great night and we danced for hours!

June 23rd was Shans bday party at Dave & Busters in the city. We ate very tasty food and I watched people play many of the games. I like the trivia game a lot.

June 30th- Jen, Victor, John, and I went dancing at the Farmingdale Jewish Center. Victor has been teaching me a lot about dancing. John said my hip movements are coming along for the latin dances. lol! Victor and I started taking Argentine Tango lessons at Stony Brook but the summer turnout isn't great so they are on hold until Sept. Damn! Victor never learned Argentine Tango so it is his first time as well, which kind of feels nice since he knows every other dance (maybe not EVERY dance, but most)!

Other than that, I've been working a lot on my online class, babysitting, working at the group homes, and going to the gym. They added the "Inten Sati" class to the summer schedule at the gym- this makes me very happy! I have also been attending some interviews for positions at developmental disability agencies. I'm realizing how sucky the job market is. I am still working on obtaining a School Psychologist position for Sept.

Tomorrow, Anthony and I are heading to Vegas until Friday. Should be a good time. My third time on a plane (second farthest trip since going to Israel).

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Now I am SOOO ready for amateur night at the strip club! Let's do it!

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Take your daughter to work

Jun. 11th, 2007 | 04:20 pm
location: At my mom's work place
mood: contemplativecontemplative

Thursday: Victor took me to this Japanese food place where they make the food in front of you. It was amusing but the walk afterwards was better. He took me to Avalon Park and we walked the trails. The most amusing part of the trail was the statue of the boy who the park was dedicated to with a missing ass on the side of a rock. We also stopped by Ralphs for some ices. The company was nice. :)

Friday: My first Spin class at the gym. What an amazing class- I am considering going a lot more... maybe even early in the morning if I can get myself up. The teacher was surprised that it was my first time and I had such endurance. She asked me halfway through, "are you sure this is your first time?" Little does she know I attend many classes at that gym, just not Spin.

Saturday: Anthony came by after his test. We went to pick up his rental car so he could practice driving around. That night was Victor's stripper party. My mom was against the idea of me riding with an inexperienced driver so I had to ride in Johns car to the party. Let me explain the stripper part- Victor's housemate is dating a stripper and she invited her co-workers over for a party. When we got there, none of the strippers were present and only one ended up showing for the night. However, there were a lot of other fun people to keep the party moving! I had a crazy Twister match with John and Victor had a fun (or what looked to be fun,) Twister match with the strippers. lol! There was also lots of hand/foot cuffs, whipped cream, bbq fires, beer pong, karaoke porn, and jello shot moments. Oh yea, and can't forget the card game with drinking and naked people. Only the men ended up stripping but even then, they got to cover themselves with paper towels. The strippers played but did not strip because according to John, they were off-duty (lol- I like that). I was surprised when one had to flash the crowd, she seemed bashful about it. Overall, I had a great time!

Sunday: Headed to Brooklyn with the parents. Had sushi at the restaurant near my aunt and drank my favorite- Lychee drink. Yum! They opened a new Chinese supermarket near my aunts house. It was amazing inside... and not because of the enormous amounts of Chinese people but because of the amount of supplies. They even sold that Lychee drink and I have never seen that sold in a store before. I would definitely shop there if I still lived around there. Later on, I took a walk with Anthony around the park. Then he went off to Queens to see a friend and I headed back to my aunts to crash.

Monday: Got my hair re-straightened after letting it grow out for a year. It looks amazing right now but I hate getting it done because I can't wash it for a few days. Eww. Anyway- now I'm waiting at my moms work place until she leaves and then I'm heading over to Canal St. to meet with Shannon. Tonight is a Darren Hayes concert! Yay!

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Lots of riding going on!

Jun. 4th, 2007 | 07:11 pm
mood: workingworking
music: "Beer in Mexico" - Kenny Chesney

Last weekend Jennifer, John, Victor, and I headed to PA to visit Hershey Park. We arrived on Saturday and headed to the park for a few hours before closing. While there we stopped in at "Chocolate World" and took a ride on their "Great American Chocolate Tour," which is an overview of how they make their chocolates. We also watched the wonderful fireworks that was part of their 100 year celebration. Old park but still fun!

The next day we spent going on crazy rollercoasters and getting soaked! The craziest coaster I probably went on was "Storm Runner" which was a 0-72mph in 2 seconds hydraulic coaster. The crazy coaster dropped about 180 feet at a 90 degree angle. As a joke, I complained about it messing up my hair after it was over. They take a picture of you before it launches you off- I looked WAY too happy in my picture to be on that thing! The suckiest ride was probably the "Roller Soaker" which was a coaster that held about 16 gallons of water and allowed the people on the ride to dump it on people waiting in line. Unfortunately, the line took over an hour and we went from being really soaked just waiting to drying off until we actually got on the ride, only to get wet again. Luckily, my seat didn't really get wet at all.... Victor's crotch wasn't as lucky... :(

We also checked out "Zoo America" which had amazingly cute animals; especially those baby prairie dogs! Later in the day, the rain chased us away from the park. So Victor and I hopped into the bright yellow car and headed home!

This weekend I went over to the Brookhaven carnival with Jen, John, and Anthony. It was soooo much fun! This was the first time I got a bracelet so that I could go on as many rides as possible. The craziest was called "Ring of Fire." This was a closed loop coaster that just went ROUND AND ROUND! Halfway through, it would stop right on the top of the loop (while suspending the poor riders upside down) and drop in the other direction. It was actually really fun- I love crazy rides! The accomplishment of the day was getting Jen to ride the "Pirate Ship". G times. For lunch, I had a corn dog; John got me hooked on those since Hershey Park! We also saw two shows: Thrill America and some animal show. Thrill America was a fun show... lots of motorcycle, tight rope, and swinging action! The animal show was decent but kind of boring. The poodles that were dressed up and walking on their hind legs were pretty cute.

Sunday I woke up nice and early for a new class at the gym. I completely forgot what the name is called but it's a combination of kick boxing and yoga. In between the exercises, we would say different mantras like "I am strong, I am lean, I am focused". We started off working the upper body then moved to the lower body. We combined the two and then ended off with holding some yoga positions and working our core. Very interesting class! I am sooo sore today though. The rest of the day I attempted to get some work done. I started my next online class but I've had such a hard time sitting myself down and getting the work done. I am also on a major job search this month for the summer time.

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